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CDP day2 by OOT-Link CDP day2 by OOT-Link
Day 2- something between a tapir and a beaver. Or at least those of the two animals I referenced. Done in about 30-40 min. I got bored of it so I cut it short.
I'm guessing the pattern on its back, taken from the tapir genes, help it blend into a river bed heavy in multicolored pebbles. It also opts only to swim during the day when rocks reflect the most white allowing it to blend in the best. Its front feet abandoned versatility for more power in swimming. This also allows to walk on shore a tad easier. Its long nose has these huge nostril, which you would think worsen its swimming- but in fact its nose is able to close (much like otter ears close shut against its head). Its eyes are surrounded my extra dark fur so no light reflects and detours it from possible fish. All in all its larger than a typical beaver, probably by as much as twice as large. Its fur has lessened in density do it's not found in as cold of climates that beavers are keen to. It retained its front teeth from the beaver but also gained little tusks from the tapir- making this guy more eager to bite. I assume it would also be a way to fight amongst other males for food or females.

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May 11, 2012
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